BORDERCLICK is a digital living archive exploring the complexities of the transfronterizo experience. Founded by artists Josemar Gonzalez Lizarraga and Rebecca Goldschmidt, in collaboration with the AjA project they ran a series of workshops through 2016 and 2017 with transfronterizo individuals living their life between Tijuana and San Diego commuting constantly between both nations.,
Borderclick's mission aims to give lyrical visual representation to transfronterizx life through photography,360 video, and social media. By capturing the feelings, memories and experiences living between two cultures and nations, Mexico and the United States, they bring an authentic and honest challenge to the common stereotypes of “border-crossers.” Throughout this process of self-exploration, they have discovered that despite the intentionally isolating effects of the physical border wall, the challenge of crossing it on a daily basis, and its extensive violence upon their minds and bodies, they have managed to find and connect with one another and help visualize an otherwise invisible community. They have learned how to collaborate, engage others in dialogue around border issues, and pledge to continue to support each other and advocate for their communities in our pursuit of self-improvement, social justice, and civic engagement.
The following are A SELECTION OF images from the BORDERCLICK archive taken by participants, documentation from the workshops, and the installation piece conceptualized by the artist josemar gonzalez lizarraga - "¿A donde Vas?"
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