josemar Gonzalez Lizarraga ARtist, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, PROJECT MANAGER
Josemar Gonzalez Lizarraga is an artist and community organizer with extensive experience in both the Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California Transborder communities. He currently works with various independent artistic organizations on both sides of the border to help educate and enrich using the arts as a means of communication. The majority of his work deals with documentation, storytelling, and deconstruction of human experiences. Trained in the media arts, he uses them as tools to engage audiences and help bring experiences and stories.

In 2014, he founded a bi-national music and arts festival in Tijuana that brings together artist communities from both sides of the Mexico-US border, where he works as Director of PASE music. He is currently the Creative Director with The AjA Project, a City-Heights based non-profit that works with historically marginalized communities in San Diego, and co-founder of Borderclick, a participatory project that workshops with Transborder communities creating a digital living archive of Transborder experiences; supported by the California Arts Council, California Humanities, and The California Endowment. He has shown work in Mexico, the United States, Japan, and Germany. 
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