¿A cambio de que? - Is an immersive installation and interactive piece that asks the audience, ¿A cambio de que?, which translates to, "In Exchange for what?". The installation and exhibit took place December 23, 2023, at "Sala De Espera", a gallery based in Tijuana, Mexico. The exhibit is a critique of how money becomes a tool of control at borders, delving deep into the extremes people undergo to traverse these artificial divides. The artist uses imagery created with a combination of photography documentation collected by the artist across the years through his transborder experiences navigating the US and Mexico border, and artificial intelligence. 
The audience is invited to answer the question in conversation with the artist, and think about the things in life that we exchange; whether we want to or not. The answers are displayed real time through an LED screen similar to ones used at currency exchange houses across the border between the US an Mexico. ​​​​​​​
The installation is currently up for exhibit at, "Sala de Espera", in Tijuana, Mexico. 
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